Each time when you buy seeds or seedlings same question pops up. How many should I buy? How many fits in my bed or greenhouse? This tool will help you to decide. Originally it was designed for tomatoes, but can be used for any kind of plants. Going back to tomatoes, depending on the breed, distance between seedlings should be from 30 cm (small breeds) up to 60-70 cm. Tomato will grow better if you leave more space around, however there should be balance. 

First tool calculates maximum amount of seedlings for your bed considering same distance between stems from any perspective. If you have more than one bed, simply multiply result given by the tool by the number of beds.



Second tool allows you to enter different distance between the stems growing in the same line and distance between line. Such planning should be used if you want to build bed which allows easy access to plants. Some seed or breed producers provide recommended distances.